Saturday, 20 December 2014

Lene Gammelgaard- Motivational Keynote Speaker

There might be several speaker agencies in the market, but Lene Gammelgaard has her own special niche. The amount of attention she demands in the market of the speaker agencies is enormous. She is invited from institutions and companies across the globe to deliver her outstanding motivational speeches. She is well known as a speaker, motivational speaker, keynote speaker, leadership speaker and much more. She speaks with an authority than her listeners are compelled to listen and follow her suggestions. Apart from being a part of speaker agencies, Lene Gammelgaard is also an author, lecturer, and widely read writer. 

At any given time, she has huge invitations from several speaker agencies, educational institutions and companies. She speaks of success a person who has already achieved it and glows in its glare. Lene is also a nature lover and adventure seeker. She survived her adventure trip to the world’s highest peak- Mount Everest in the year 1996, while many other climbers died doing the same in the raging storm on the mountains. She is also a leadership trainer and uses her time judiciously while managing it to extract maximum out of it.

Lene’s latest book- “Choice is yours” has been published by Harper Collins is already a best seller. Her compelling style of writing involves the reader in the book, and motivates, and persuades them to follow their own journey to success. The book about Lene Gammelgaard’s adventures-“Climbing High”, is read across the globe by all the groups of the readers.

Lene speaks highly of the journey of success and believes that everyone has his or her own unique journey and paths to follow. It is due to this, that audiences connect to her speeches and speaker agencies keep asking her to visit repeatedly.

Lene explains that success is always an individual choice. One needs to plan his/her own journey to achieve success. Lene emphasizes that one needs to believe in his/her own potentials in order to be successful. She says that it is must follow one’s heart for success. She believes that half of the success is achieved when one commits to his own self, and decides and starts pursuing her dreams. Lene does the same for her audience. She helps them pursue the goal and the path, which their hearts always desired to pursue.


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